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200663-39020 - GSE 663, 16 line x 40 Character LCD Backlit Display Weigh Indicator, Nema 12 Mild Steel 24" x 30"

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Part #: 200663-39020

GSE 663 Weigh Indicator

Field programmable weight based process controllers designed to perform in diverse industries, environments and applications.

GSE 663 Highlights

  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Process Control
  • Mobile Weighing
  • Chemical
  • Material Handling
  • Data Acquisition
  • Force Measurement
GSE User C 
Program your application in 'C' to enhance controller operation. Our User 'C' development kit expedites application development. All operator prompts, process control, communication and data management functions can be controlled using the standard 'C' programming language. Compile your code, link it with our GSE library module, load it into RAM and test it with the emulator to debug your code. GSE provides the tools, you provide the code. 

GSE Macro 
Macros empower you to customize your application with a comprehensive set of commands. All operator, process, communication and data functions can be controlled by macro commands. A macro applies the principals of Boolean logic in a sequential structure written and edited with any text editor. GSE offers a program called "GSE Com2" as a tool to write and download the macro programs.

Zebra GK420t Datasheet GSE 663 Datasheet

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