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210375-00100 - GSE 375 Counting Scales, 100 lb Capacity

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Part #: 210375-00100

GSE 375 Counting Scales

Counting accuracy is important whether your application is document distribution, shipping and receiving, job picking or factory-wide inventory management. Inaccurate counts cost you reputation if you deliver short to a customer and profits are lost if you deliver too many. GSE precision parts counting systems are designed to provide years of reliable performance in a variety of environments and applications. Intuitive, easy-to-use counting and weighing routines range from one keystroke operation to cycle counting with data acquisition for a complete inventory management solution from small electronic components to expensive machined parts.

GSE 375 Highlights

  • Bright, LED display is easy to read in any light situation.
  • One keystroke toggles between counting and weighing modes.
  • Carrying handles facilitate mobility for counting or weighing in different areas.
  • Communicate with printers, computers, and other peripheral devices using fixed format tickets and labels.
  • Create custom labels with the Custom Transmit Table™ to contain bar code data with APW and TARE weights.
  • Counting accuracy is ensured with one million counts (1/1,000,000d) of internal resolution.
  • Integrates with UPS Worldship to streamline shipping, receiving, importing, and exporting.
  • Model 375 provides the added benefit of numeric keys for manual entry of TARE weight or APW.
  • Refer to Specifications for a list of available options on each model.

Zebra GK420t Datasheet GSE 375 Datasheet

Capacities (lb)


Internal Resolution

A/D Filtering
GSE FIR (Finite Impulse Response)

0.017 % max, 350 Ω load cell dependent

Overload Protection
5 Point Overload Protection


Ports 1-4

1 Bi-directional RS232 port

ASCII Standard

Baud Rate
150–115K bps (port 1)


Power Requirements

120 VAC 60 Hz Wall transformer Incl. or 12 to 36 VDC
Excitation Voltage
10 VDC, Short circuit protected
Excitation Power
(1) 350 Ω load cell
Excitation Current
200 mA, Short Circuit protected
Input Signal Connect
6 Conductors with Sense Leads
Battery (Options)
30 Hour NiMH Battery.
Tray for 8 D-Cells - 60 hours (batteries not included).



Housing Material

Powder Coat Cast Aluminum
Count/Weigh Surface
12” x 12” Stainless Steel (6 lb, 8” x 10”)
0.8” LED Display
6 Key (370), 18 Key (375) International, Tactile membrane
14.38” W (at handles) x 17.30” L x 5.63” H
Number of Scales
1 Local
Time Date Clock
Non-Volatile Battery Backed
Database Memory
Not Available


RS485 Module
Half/Full Duplex up to 4000 ft, 115K bps max (uses port 1)
20mA Current Loop
Isolated TX-Active/Passive, RX-Passive, 9600 bps max,
12 VDC, 1000 ft (uses port 1)
GSE ReFlash
Download new firmware via RS232 port
Analog Output Module
16 bit, 0–10 VDC, 0–20 mA, or 4–20 mA
Setpoint Option Module Available
I/O Relays
1A AC, 2A DC, Optically isolated

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