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General Purpose:
For smooth surfaces.

3M 908         Acid-free photo safe framing tape.
3M 924         Finger touch applications for paper and plastics.
3M 928         Repositional for temporary attachments.
3M 969         High strength for difficult to bond materials.
3M 976         Invisible bonding for smooth surfaces.
3M 987         Attach signs and placards to warehouse racks.

High Performance:
Withstands higher temperatures.

3M 926          Excellent adhesion at high temperatures and in harsh environments.

General Purpose:

For smooth surfaces.

3M 463             Industrial. Excellent adhesion to most paper stocks.
3M 465             Light industrial. Aggressive adhesive bonds instantly to papers and plastics.
3M 465XL         Light industrial. Extended liner for easy application and removal.
3M 466XL         Light-duty. Ideal for automated tape application equipment.
3M 920XL         Light-duty. Extended liner for easy application and removal.
3M 927             Heavy-duty. Use for a variety of high tack, thin applications.
3M 950             Heavy-duty. Use to bond paper, plastics, metal, foam and more.
3M 966             Industrial. Ideal for high temperature attachment.
3M F9465PC    Industrial. Use to attach molding and decals to vehicles.
3M 9472LE       Industrial. Perfect for hard to stick surfaces.
3M 9458           Industrial. For high tack, thin applications.
3M 9471           Industrial. Use on smooth plastics, foams, fabrics and coated paper.
3M 9498           Industrial. Bonds plastic, fabric and film.
3M 9502           Industrial. Graphic attachment and general industrial joining.
3M 9505           Industrial. Bonds metal, painted metal and rough plastics.
3M 9627           Industrial. Bonds to irregular surfaces.

High Performance:
Strongest strapping tape for extra heavy-duty jobs.

3M 467MP      Outstanding adhesion to metal and high surface energy plastics.
3M 468MP      Ideal for rough, uneven or textured surfaces.
3M 9482PC     Use for joining thin, smooth materials.
3M 9485PC     Excellent adhesion to plastics and foams.
3M 9082          Ultra-high temperature tape.
3M 9085         Excellent heat resistance for labeling hot motors and equipment.
3M 8810         Thermally conductive heat transfer tape for computers.
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