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Sato TG3 Tag & Label Thermal Printers
Sato Thermal Printers
The TG3 Series is specifically designed to fulfill your brands advertising and functional price labeling needs. The 2-in-1 capability of the SATOs TG3 printer can print and cut tags or labels simultaneously up to 10ips; offering the fastest throughput for batch printing. Built for the retail industry, the TG3 will serve all of your retail tagging and labeling needs  apparel, accessories, home-goods, toiletries or cosmetics. Paired with the optional stacker, the TG3 provides a method of collecting and sorting through batches of print jobs.

The versatility of the TG3 allows you to customize tags with your companys brand name, logo, tagline, care instructions, special information, and also re-label items to display fundamental product information such as price, origin or description.
Print Method: Direct/Thermal Transfer
Print Resolution: 203 dpi
Print Width: 3.1"
Media Width: 0.9" to 3.1" (label)
0.9" to 3.3" (tag)
Memory: 8 MB Flash ROM,
Print Speed:(max.) 10 ips

Apparel Tagging
Asset Tagging
Bag and Sack Tagging
Durable Goods
Price Ticketing
Shelf Labels

Transportation & Logistics
Part Number Description Price Buy
WWTG30111 TG308, 3.1", 203dpi, IEEE1284 High-Speed Parallel Interface $3,187.50
WWTG30131 TG308, 3.1", 203dpi, RS232C High-Speed Serial Interface $3,187.50
WWTG30121 TG308, 3.1", 203dpi, Enhanced USB Interface $3,187.50
WWTG30141 TG308, 3.1", 203dpi, Enhanced Ethernet Interface $3,414.35
Part Number Description Price Buy
WWTG35600 TG3 Stacker $566.75
WWRW55300 RWG500 - 5" Wide Label Rewinder $501.75
WWTG35910 TG3 Ribbon Core Adapter $176.75
WWDR35500 Key Pad $284.00
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Sato TG3 Printer
Part Number Description Price Buy
WWTG40111 TG312, 3.1", 305dpi, IEEE1284 High-Speed Parallel Interface $3,350.00
WWTG40131 TG312, 3.1", 305dpi, RS232C High-Speed Serial Interface $3,350.00
WWTG40121 TG312, 3.1", 305dpi, Enhanced USB Interface $3,350.00
WWTG40141 TG312, 3.1", 305dpi, Enhanced Ethernet Interface $3,576.85
Sato TG312 Printer
Sato TG3 Print Heads and Platen Rollers
Part Number Description Price Buy
P28227000 TG3 Platen Roller $47.00
R14222000 TG308 Print Head, 203 dpi $446.00
R14223000 TG312 Print Head, 305 dpi $526.00
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