Videojet 9550 IIMAK Ribbon

Videojet 9550 Ribbon
Part Number Clean Start Color Size Lead
Rolls/Case Core
Wind Price/Case Buy
FVJ055QN No Black 2.17" x 2,625'
(55mm x 800m)
1-2 Days 24 1" CSI $455.72
FVJ110QN No Black 4.33" x 2,625'
(110mm x 800m)
1-2 Days 24 1" CSI $868.24
Net Mark IQ NE Wax/Resin Ribbons
Recommended Stocks:  Coated and Uncoated Paper Tags & Label Stocks, Polyolefin (i.e. Tyvek),  Polyimide films, Polyethylene, Polypropylene.
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IIMAK Ribbon
Armor IIMAK Ribbon for Videojet 9550 - 1" Core CSI
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